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E-Learning & Resources

E-Learning and Resources

Passmore Duff’s award winning online training programs are made available for our valued clients so they can access our information and knowledge resources anywhere and at anytime. These resources support the delivery of our nationally accredited competency based training programs to enhance your learning experience and to promote employee safety and wellbeing.


Consulting & Advisory Services

Consulting and Advisory Services

Our experienced consultants will provide high level support and advisory services to help improve your organisational safety performance, due diligence and duty of care obligations. Our services are widely recognised for helping to achieve desired risk management outcomes in a timely and efficient manner as well as improving organisational compliance and performance.


Training & Courses

Training and Courses

Does your workforce have the necessary thinking, communication and behavioural skill sets required to safely and effectively respond to critical incident risks such as robbery, aggression and harassment? Our unique programs are specifically tailored to enhance the safety and wellbeing of your valued human capital and organisational risk management objectives.